The Best Lego Designs


Legos are toys, but they are also the source of incredible designs. LEGO artists use the small plastic bricks to produce everything from architecture to robots. Even the engineers from the company design new elements that allow builders to build more complicated models. Erik Varszegi, a Master Builder with the Lego Group in Billund, Denmark created a new component this year that is a curve of the slope. It allows Lego users create more slanted forms while adhering to the company’s strict color palette. The slopes can also be used to create more dynamic shapes, like an incline staircase.

Certain Lego sets are the result of the work of professional designers, while others are the result of the wildly popular Lego Ideas program. The Ideas line allows anyone to design a set, and it’s also possible to produce. It grants fame and 1percent of sales to anyone who convinces a crowd of 10,000 people that their creation is worthy of be created. It’s no surprise that the most elaborate and stunning sets usually garner the most support, especially when they have iconic characters or scenes from films, television shows, or in real life.

The best Lego designs are two iconic space-themed models that include the NASA spaceship Discovery and one of the Hubble Telescope. Each telescope includes a plaque to display and the miniature Lego version of the inventor. Other impressive models are an framed rainbow, a steampunk dragon as well as a replica of the Palace of Westminster.

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